The fourth full-length Byronic Sex & Exile album 'Everything But The Ghoul' is now available on digital download and CD, via

Featuring an irresistible mix of gothic chills and pop thrills, the album is a deep dive into the gothic romance tradition. Based around concepts of the haunted house as an artistic location, the theatrical stage as a vehicle for life and death, and the continuation (or even beginning) of romantic passions with spectral apparitions, the album is full of women with candelabras creeping down moonlit corridors, acts of revenge from beyond the grave, orchestra-black coffins, faded actors, ghosthunter Harry Price, Daimler hearses, vampire princesses, doomed patriarchs, and much more besides. It is an album best appreciated on a stormy winter night with a glass of red wine, preferably beside a roaring fire in a deserted Carpathian castle.

The album is heavily influenced by the films of Italian gothic horror, by Victorian 'penny bloods', and by Edgar Allen Poe's "The Fall Of The House Of Usher" whose poem 'The Haunted Palace' is featured on two tracks. The album is also influenced by The Damned's 'Phantasmagoria', whose gothic vaudeville spirit the album continues.

In addition to the spoken word pieces and two tracks that appeared on the 'Lingering Human Emotions' E.P in June, the album features ten new songs showcasing the Byronic Sex & Exile appetite for atmosphere, melody, and lyrical bite.

The accompanying Stage Fright tour started with a triumphant album launch show at the Crafty Cove in Whitby, before proceeding throughout the UK in November and ending in a headline performance at the 'In The Black Midwinter' festival in Sheffield.

1. Stage Fright
2. House of Shadows
3. Nightmare Castle
4. Grave Is In The Heart
5. Ectoplasmic Dreams
6. The Haunted Palace (Part 1)
7. Ghost Story
8. Tombstone World
9. Monster Man
10. The Haunted Palace (Part 2)
11. The Lady In The House Of Love
12. Kiss Of The Firebrand
13. Stage Clothes
14. Hearse Road

Stage Fright Tour:
Sunday 29th October - Whitby Crafty Cove
Tuesday 14th November - York Valhalla
Friday 17th November - Leeds Fox & Newt (
Saturday 18th November - London Aces & Eights (
Monday 20th November - Nottingham The Angel (
Tuesday 21st November - Glasgow Nice N Sleazy (
Wednesday 22nd November - Windermere The Rookery
Thursday 23rd November - Newcastle Prohibition (
Friday 24th November - Sheffield Shakespeares (