Delighted to announce that a new Byronic Sex & Exile mini-album 'Yorkshire Gothic' is now available on
Bandcamp .

'Yorkshire Gothic' deals with the myths & legends of north & west Yorkshire, from demonic black dogs to deceitful witches to legendary loners, and features 7 new Byronic Sex & Exile tracks. Musically, it continues and to extent concludes the exploration of ambient & baroque textures of the 'Cu Foc' album and 'The Bells'.

Tracklisting is as follows:
1. The Coach
2. The Witch
3. The Barghest
4. The Sea
5. The Saint
6. The Mirror
7. The Hermit

The project will be expanded with the previously announces acoustic tour in May, which sees outdoor performances of key tracks from the album and will be filmed for a video of the project.

Venues, timings and further details of the shows will announced where appropriate nearer the time, and public performances will be announced nearer the time. This event is contingent upon indoor hospitality re-opening as expected on 17th May, and may be subject to further Covid-19 restrictions.

Yorkshire Gothic Tour 2021:
Monday 17th May - Pickering
Tuesday 18th May - Fylingdales
Wednesday 19th May - Whitby
Friday 21st May - Robin Hood's Bay
Saturday 22nd May - York
Sunday 23rd May - Ilkley