"Did I tell you that I have found a text in Deuteronomy to authorise my future battlements?” - Horace Walpole

After cleansing my palette with the 'Libertas' mini-album and 'Ides Of March' show, I am now turning my attention to the main work of 2024! And to begin that, I will be embarking on the 'Future Battlements' tour throughout the spring, ahead of a new E.P of the same name which can be expected in June.
Both the tour and E.P will see a freshening of the BS&E approach, with the tour featuring a diversity of show styles from full rock shows to guerilla acoustic performances, and the E.P featuring a new set of tracks with different variations on the well-established Byronic Sex & Exile zeal, swoon and swagger. They will both act as a prelude to the full album and tour proper, coming in October.

'Future Battlements' Tour:
Sat 13th April – Sheffield Channing Hall (with Jan Doyle Band + The Black Riders Cult + Alixandrea Corvyn + IAmImperfect)
Weds 24th April – Windermere The Rookery (two sets)
Sat 27th April – Whitby Flowergate Hall (lunchtime show)
Sunday 12th May – Derby Victoria Inn
Tuesday 14th May – York Valhalla (two sets)
Sunday 26th May – London Hyde Park (afternoon show)


Men at some time are masters of their fates. The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings.”

May I present to you ‘Libertas', a new mini-album from Byronic Sex & Exile. Based on the story of the rebellion against Caesar, his assassination, and it's aftermath, the album considers the principles, passions, and pitfalls of rising against tyranny, and features eight new tracks. Released on the Ides of March, the album is accompanied by a one-off show at Boom Leeds tonight, before BS&E begins work on the next E.P and tour, set for the spring.

The album is released on
digital download.

1. Idea
2. Tyranny
3. Brutus
4. Conspiracy
5. Libertas
6. Nemesis
7. Dented Shield
8. Kai Su, Teknon