'Eveything But The Ghoul' (October 2023)
1. Stage Fright
2. House of Shadows
3. Nightmare Castle
4. Grave Is In The Heart
5. Ectoplasmic Dreams
6. The Haunted Palace (Part 1)
7. Ghost Story
8. Tombstone World
9. Monster Man
10. The Haunted Palace (Part 2)
11. The Lady In The House Of Love
12. Kiss Of The Firebrand
13. Stage Clothes
14. Hearse Road


'Total Gothic K.O!' (September 2023)
1. Vathek (Live)
2. LS Woman (Live)
3. Becket (Live)
4. Vampire Guitars (Live)
5. Street Magician (Live)
6. 114 (Live)
7. The Shining Apostles of Cruelty (Live)
8. Vlad Tepes Said (Live)

'Lingering Human Emotions' E.P (June 2023)
1. Spill Blood!
2. Ectoplasmic Dreams
3. Kiss Of The Firebrand
4. Lingering Human Emotions


'Nightmare Avenue' (February 2023)
1. Nightmare Avenue (Part 1)
2. Becket
3. National Mourning Protocol
4. Berenice
5. Vathek
6. Street Magician
7. Baskerville
8. Nightmare Avenue (Part 2)


'Lady Macbeth' (December 2022)
1. Lady Macbeth

'Grey Poison’ (or ‘The West Yorkshire Book Of The Dead’) (October 2022)
1. Hell, LS6
2. Grey Poison (Part 1)
3. Blood Black Heart
3. Vampire Guitars
5. LS Woman*
6. Grey Poison (Part 2)
7. The Shining Apostles Of Cruelty
8. Armley Wind
9. Babylon (Uber Alles)
10. The Ballad of Raven Black

'Salome'/'LS Woman' (February 2022)
1. Salome
2. LS Woman

'All Is Chaos Under Heaven' (December 2021)
1. Destiny (Live)
2. Your Name On The Wind (Live)
3. Kingdom (Live)
4. Deicide Is Painless (Live)
5. Death Or Joy! (Live)
6. Crimes of Passion (Live)
7. Missolonghi/A Boy Called Jihad (Live)
8. Unrepentant Thunder (Live)
9. Hercules (Live)
10. Leviathan (Live)

'Unrepentant Thunder' (September 2021)
1. To Die For Greece
2. Destiny
3. Until Freedom Dies
4. Deicide Is Painless
5. Death Or Joy
6. I Speak
7. 114
8. Ecstasy (Lovers Make Better Goths)
9. Last Letter To Mao
10. Missolonghi
11. A Boy Called Jihad
12. Unrepentant Thunder
13. Sweet Prince
14. Hercules
15. Requiem
16. Castle In My Mind


'Lessons From The Mountain' (August 2021)
1. Hercules
2. Deicide Is Painless
3. At One With The Exiles
4. Death Or Joy!
5. El Astronauta
6. Bella Ciao

'Yorkshire Gothic' (May 2021)
1. The Coach
2. The Witch
3. The Barghest
4. The Sea
5. The Saint
6. The Mirror
7. The Hermit


'The Bells' (October 2020)
1. The Bells
2. Vlad Tepes Said


'Cu Foc' (April 2020)
1. Many Strange Things
2. Cu Foc I
3. Timisoara Eyes
Your Name On The Wind
5. Nosferatu In Furs
6. The Wedding Of The Dead
7. Miorita
8. Cu Foc II
9. Luceafarul I
10. Luceafarul II
11. Luceafarul III
12. Eternity


'Opera of the Wastes' (January 2020)
1. Don’t Organise, Mourn
2. When A God Bleeds
3. All The Horses
4. Landslide
Your Name on The Wind
6. A Turkish Warship on Fire


'Gothism' (September 2018)
1. Under Heaven
2. Crimes of Passion
3. The Romance of Death (Part 1)
4. Labyrinth
5. Cain
6. Cruel Beauty
7. Fausthaus
8. Heresy in Flesh
9. Goddess
10. The Romance of Death (Part 2)
11. Otranto
12. Leviathan


'Under The Gaze of an Indifferent God' (July 2017)
1. Under Heaven
2. Heresy in Flesh
3. Purity
4. True Slave


'Crimes Of Passion' (September 2015)
1. Crimes of Passion
2. Cruel Beauty
3. Fausthaus
4. Leviathan

Live covers:
Miorita (traditiona)
Hellhound on my Trail (Robert Johnson)
Sympathy for the Devil (The Rolling Stones)
Rebel Girl (Bikini Kill)
Gloomy Sunday (Diamanda Galas)
1859 (Sisters of Mercy)
I Put A Spell on You (Screaming Jay Hawkins)
Interlude (Diamanda Galas)
Born To Die (Lana Del Rey)
Ain’t It Fun (Dead Boys)
Orgasmatron (Motorhead)
Battle of Gilgamesh (traditional)
The Sparrows and the Nightingales (Wolfsheim)
Sacrfice (London After Midnight)
I’ll Be Your Man (Anna Calvi)
Slave to Love (Bryan Ferry)
Don’t You Ever Leave Me (Hanoi Rocks)
As The World Goes Down (David Bowie)
Freebird (Lynryrd Skynrd)
Seek and Destroy (The Stooges)
Dirty Mind (Prince)
Mob Rules (Black Sabbath)
White Russian (Marillion)
Tomorrow Belongs to Me (Cabaret soundtrack)
She Moved Through The Fair (traditional)
Love Songs (New Model Army)
Zealots (Action Directe)
Between Goth Wars (Billy Bragg)
Something Fast (Sisters of Mercy)
The Ghost of Tom Joad (Bruce Springsteen)
Lawyers, Guns & Money (Warren Zevon)
Anywhere (Rhombus)
Both Sides The Tweed (Dick Gaughan)
No Time For Love (Christy Moore)
Life in A Gothic Town (Dream Academy)
Wake (The Mission)
Willows’ Song (Wicker Man soundtrack)
Mein Herr (Cabaret soundtrack)
The Loveless & The Damned (Phantom Chords)
The Ship Song (Nick Cave)
Kingdom Come (The Mission)
Ambition (New Model Army)
Spinning Around (Red Lorry Yellow Lorry)
God's Zoo (DEATH CULT)
Promised Land (Skeletal Family)
Evelyn (Salvation)
River of No Return (GHOST DANCE)
Party For One (Zeitgeist Zero)
60 Million Guns (Action Directe)
Walk Into The Sun (The March Violets)
Some Kind of Stranger (The Sisters of Mercy)
An Eye For The Main Chance (Rosetta Stone)
To See A Friend in Tears (Jacque Brel)
51st State (New Model Army)
Gothing In The Free World (Neil Young)
Evil (Howlin Wolf)
Science Fiction Double Feature ('Rocky Horror Picture Show' OST)
You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory (Johnny Thunders)
LA Woman (The Doors)
I'm A Man You Don't Meet Every Day (The Pogues)
Shadow of Love (The Damned)
Nightporter (Japan)
Mack The Knife (Brecht & Weill
Shipbuilding (Elvis Costello)
Dragonstea Din Tei (O-Zone)

‘Darkness’ (Byron)
'Cain' (Byron)
‘Masque of Anarchy’ (Shelley)
‘Song for Fidel’ (Che Guevara)
'Eulogy for Marat' (de Sade)