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The 'Modo are pleased to announce that they are working on material for a new release followed by a UK tour later in the year. Quasimodo will also be performing at the first
Day of the Goths summer all-dayer in Leeds in July

Sat 8th July-
Day of the Goths @ Leeds Wharf Chambers w/Zeitgeist Zero, Dawn of Elysium, Lost Souls, Black Riders Cult and Jan Doyle Band

Praise for 'Kiss of Death' :

"It is immediately evident that the band have continued to hone and sharpen their sound well on the stage and this translates nicely into the recorded version of the songs...the EP is a strong statement from a band who are quickly establishing their name as one to keep an eye on in both Yorkshire and beyond." - Intravenous Magazine

Praise for 'Under The Whip' :

''Under The Whip' is a great, classic sounding gothic rock anthem. The sing-a-long chorus, memorable piano melody and easy dance pace should not only see this be comfortable in the band's live repertoire, but it should find favour with many DJs as well. " - Intravenous Magazine

Praise for 'Liberty, Equality, Atrocity':

"Some really fine Gothic Rock music with a refreshing approach. Quasimodo has a very distinctive sound, which is combined with some really cool influences from underground classics of the 80’s, and the 90’s. They have a good combination of strength, great musicality, and catchy melodies...“Urbane guerrilla” is an assault of Gothic Rock with great melody, and contagious chorus. This is such a well constructed trackin the good tradition of The Damned; somehow, it made me think in the Lords Of The New Church, in their finest moments...they blend darkness and elegance in their music, and it’s so good from the beginning, to the end. They have experience, great ideas, and lots of talent; and that’s because this EP is such a good option for Gothic Rock devotees." - This Is Gothic Rock.com

"If you're looking for some catchy, guitar-orientated goth rock that will no-doubt translate well to the live stage, then Quasimodo will be right up your street." - Intravenous Magazine

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