Q: What's all this, then?
A: Goth City Festival is a season of events happening in Leeds from 5th-22nd October 2017 to celebrate the Goth heritage of the city and of Yorkshire region generally.

Q: Just this year?
A: Well, no – if happened last year too. And probably every year from now on, Khaos willing.

Q: Does that mean you'll have The Mission and the Sisters of Mercy playing?
A: We think Von, Wayne and the lads can look after themselves now – we're dealing with newer, up & coming and underground acts from the Goth scene and associated genres, and work to give a platform to new talent. We also want to recognise the stature of the bands in the new generation of Yorkshire Goth. Plus we're not made of money. But if they want to play at some point......hello!

Q: Who are Goth City Promotions?
We are a small independent organisation dedicated to the promotion of the Goth scene in Leeds and the West Yorkshire area. We put on underground and DIY Goth, industrial and post-punk gigs in Leeds and around Yorkshire.

Q: Are you putting on all the events?
A: No – our local partners Carpe Noctum are also getting in on the action and joining in the fun. Carpe is the longest-running goth night in West Yorkshire and the largest alternative club night in the north.

Q: Are you trying to do over other Goth festivals like some nefarious Wessie Goth mafia?
A: Not at all – every attempt has been made to prevent clashes with other events, and we're committed to working together with all our Gothic partners. Team players, that's us.

Q: Why does it last a fortnight?
A: Because this way we can put on a range of events for different tastes and purposes, and try and provide the city with as much Goth culture as possible.

Q: It's not just bands then?
Oh no – it's spoken word, readings, acoustic, discussions, social events and art. And also bands.

Q: I take it you'll be doing this at massive venues with loads of corporate sponsors?
Nope – this is an independent, DIY and underground event true to the countercultural origins of the scene, so the events take place at several smaller venues around Leeds.

Q: So you're not going to be booking major international acts?
A: No – our colleagues at UK festivals such as Whitby Gothic Weekend, Sacrosanct and Infest have that sorted. We'll be putting on established and new local, regional and national Goth acts and trying to keep things fresh, varied and interesting. And we'll be going to the other UK goth festivals to watch the international acts as punters, like everyone else.

Q: You're going to be raking it in, then?
Hell no – all profits from the festival goes to our designated charity PAFRAS (Positive Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers).

Q: Blimey! Why?
A: Because this'll be a right good do, that's why!

A: PAFRAS (Positive Action For Refugees and Asylum Seekers) is the local charity that we support in all our events, and every penny raised goes to help feed destitute refugees. We want to support a good local cause, and we want the local scene to give something back to the community.

Q: Why these venues?
A: We support the local independent venues that support the scene, in keeping with the DIY ethic of the festival. Wharf Chambers is a membership-based independent venue, Bad Apples is a great rock and alternative bar, The Packhorse and the Fox & Newt are key small music venues and the Hydep Park Book Club is a fantastic local artspace and cafe

Q: Can my band play?
A: Probably. If not this year then maybe next. And if you're a new band we also put on a showcase gig too. So get in touch!

Q: Are you adding more bands and events?
A: Possibly. We shall see.

Q: When do tickets go on sale?
A: 1st May!

Q: Do we get physical tickets?
A: No - just show your ticket receipt at the door to gain entry!

Q: So Leeds now has a major Goth festival that's here to stay?
A: Who knows? Maybe. We shall see!

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